Monday, 1 November 2021

30 for 30 Charity Walk

This year staff, friends and supporters of Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services will be undertaking a mammouth 30 hour relay walk to mark White Ribbon day - the International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women. 

Volunteers will start this walk at 10am on 24th November completing it at 4pm on Thursday 25th. The walk will be split into 30 minute sections running right through the night, in whatever weather late November has to offer! 

The event also marks the first of 20 separate events to celebrate Phoenix DAS’ twentieth year of operation, culminating in a celebration event in November 2022. 

Our aims for this event are to raise awareness of domestic abuse whilst also raising much needed funds for the service. 

How can you help?

  1. You can support us by sponsoring us with whatever you can spare, sharing the information and providing words of encouragement on our social media throughout. 

  2. Help us to target the right people to walk with us and take the white ribbon pledge - as white ribbon was set up by men and is aimed predominantly at men we would really like to encourage men to join us - if you know any sports teams, associations or other groups who may be interested then please ask them to get in touch. 

  3. Help us to spread the word about all the amazing services operating in our region, and Nationally.  We will be sharing information on these throughout the walk so we hope you will join in the conversation too and help us to end the public camouflage of domestic abuse. 

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