Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentine's Day

For those who are living with abuse, Valentine’s Day can be particularly difficult.  It can feel like there are nothing but happy, smiling couples abound on this day, holding hands and celebrating their seemingly perfect relationships.
There is also much anecdotal evidence that domestic abuse incidents can increase on Valentine’s Day and Police forces across the country are reminding the public it won’t be all hearts and flowers for everyone this Valentine’s Day.
We also encourage people to look out for the signs that a family member, friend or neighbour may be the victim of domestic abuse.
No one should live in fear and we know from experience that it can be extremely hard for victims themselves to come forward or that they may not even see themselves as a victim.
Visit our website to learn more about the signs of domestic abuse and if you or someone you know, is experiencing, or has experienced, physical, emotional or sexual violence in the home, we can give you support, help and information.

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